Ford EDSA Greenhills - Available Plate

As of January 12, 2021


UPDATED ON JANUARY 12, 2021 --- Use the CTRL+F function to find your conduction sticker.

C0A341  C0B562  C0B564  C0C139  C0C313  C0D001   C0D075 C0D230   C0D233   C0D429  C0D513  C0D604   C0D875  C0D958  C0E275   C0E566  C0E717  C0E767  C0E898     C0E899 C0F242 C0F291 C0F373  C0F443 C0F508               C0F982  C0G076   C0G086      C0G193     C0G325        C0G570  C0G772   C0H460  C0H585  C0H842   C0I213 C0I239    C0I576 C0I748 C0I822 C0J092  C0J584 C0J662 C0J879    C0K069    C0K129  C0K249   C0K429   C0K625   C0L613 C0L664    C0L681   C0M241   C0M276   C0M290   C0M333 C0M751 C0N420  C0N872 C0O203  C0O596  C0O906 C0O934  C0Q091  C0Q846 C0R046    C0R818  C0R873   C0R990   C0S026   C0S028  C0S060  C0S190  C0S459 C0S547   C0S809  C0T174 C0U144 C0U312 C0U524 C0V323     C0V381 C0V524 C0V845   C0W024  C0W572  C0X081   C0X126   C0X394    C0Y343  C0Z430 C0Z453 C0Z549 C0Z756  C0Z823    C0Z948

C1A292  C1A304  C1A312  C1A351  C1A393  C1A474  C1A498  C1A818   C1B511    C1B959  C1C586  C1C587 C1C634 C1D371 C1D569  C1D976   C1E171 C1E759  C1E791  C1F746  C1F793    C1G495   C1G527   C1G637  C1H441 C1H570 C1H656  C1H703  C1H778 C1H791   C1H793 C1H910  C1I107  C1I187  C1I345  C1I591  C1I811  C1J561  C1J654   C1J689   C1J775   C1J893  C1L240   C1L339   C1L380       C1L385 C1L642 C1M003 C1M552 C1M694  C1M696  C1M957 C1M976  C1N093  C1N317  C1N380   C1N584   C1O154    C1O169    C1O600 C1O633  C1Q107 C1R188  C1R229 C1R671 C1R685  C1S046 C1S373     C1T294 C1T362  C1T530   C1T705    C1T885   C1W127   C1W435 C1W548  C1W883   C1X090   C1Y751

C2B214 C2B442 C2B457 C2B489 C2B561 C2C027 C2C572 C2D404 C2D669 C2D686 C2D718 C2E875 C2F144 C2F780 C2F852 C2F865 C2F908 C2H285 C2H406 C2H731 C2I612 C2J315 C2J718 C2J810 C2J822 C2K071 C2K307 C2K588 C2L382 C2L848 C2M124 C2M562 C2M563 C2N121 C2N252 C2N509 C2N724 C2O114 C2O277 C2O311 C2O429 C2O457 C2O471 C2O733 C2O889 C2O997 C2P374 C2P376 C2Q802 C2Q917 C2Q918 C2R017 C2R095 C2R114 C2R139 C2R426 C2R854 C2R942 C2S012 C2S486 C2S594 C2S762 C2S820 C2S834 C2S999 C2T252 C2T305 C2T394 C2T453 C2T634 C2U057 C2U078 C2U352 C2U498 C2U618 C2U740 C2U858 C2V031 C2V202 C2V229 C2V260 C2V327 C2V427 C2V788 C2V978 C2W346 C2W810 C2X363 C2Y004 C2Y413 C2Y839 C2Y928 C2Y934 C2Y948 C2Z269 C2Z277 C2Z290 C2Z315 C2Z892 C2Z901 C2Z907

C3A457  C3A493   C3A589  C3A633  C3A670   C3A806  C3A998  C3B246   C3B352   C3B682  C3B827   C3B945  C3B970  C3C031   C3C200  C3C232  C3C279   C3C569  C3C585  C3D220   C3D308  C3D318  C3D357   C3D393  C3D438  C3D466  C3D618  C3D976  C3E568   C3E648  C3F118  C3F136   C3F146  C3F193  C3F199   C3F222  C3F563  C3F716   C3F717  C3F748  C3F760   C3F823  C3F858  C3F874   C3F889  C3F907  C3F921   C3G120  C3G137  C3G138  C3G145  C3G205   C3G414  C3G511  C3G712   C3G724

IE 0347

II2034  II3137   II4034  II5862  II6231 II8706   II9074

IJ0470 IJ1771 IJ1778 IJ2092 IJ2160 IJ2198 IJ2309 IJ2390 IJ2429 IJ2576 IJ2751 IJ2992 IJ3052 IJ3500 IJ3925 IJ4655 IJ4712 IJ4880 IJ5156 IJ5292 IJ5507 IJ5938 IJ6283 IJ6436 IJ6577 IJ6788 IJ7002 IJ7043 IJ7548 IJ7565 IJ8068 IJ8081 IJ8136 IJ8599 IJ8616 IJ8665 IJ8666 IJ9013 IJ9391 IJ9414 IJ9549 IJ9561 IJ9757 IJ9935

IK0725 IK0044 IK0434 IK0473 IK0476 IK0530 IK0630 IK0631 IK0667 IK0680 IK0717 IK0724 IK0744 IK0852 IK0855 IK0925 IK0985 IK1000 IK1237 IK1587 IK1617 IK1619 IK1676 IK1693 IK1733 IK1785 IK2278 IK2291 IK2433 IK2482 IK2506 IK2521 IK2572 IK2606 IK2639 IK2970 IK2999 IK3004 IK3054 IK3372 IK4130 IK4195 IK4339 IK4340 IK4397 IK4484 IK4634 IK5085 IK5131 IK5260 IK5318 IK5407 IK5443 IK5444 IK5585 IK5594 IK5662 IK5713 IK5719 IK5935 IK5940 IK6006 IK6048 IK6144 IK6164 IK6180 IK6188 IK6197 IK6200 IK6276 IK6294 IK6554 IK6606 IK6623 IK6627 IK6812 IK7020 IK7243 IK7324 IK7853 IK7914 IK7972 IK8001 / C1W382 IK8122 IK8360 IK8488 IK8768 IK8852 IK8869 IK9038 IK9060 IK9106 IK9246 IK9559 IK9595 IK9821

IL 9503 IL0124 IL0163 IL0445 IL0454 IL0457 IL0555 IL0647 IL0796 IL0881 IL0913 IL0958 IL1243 IL1244 IL1346 IL1362 IL1363 IL1443 IL1467 IL1488 IL1528 IL1557 IL1590 IL1707 IL1755 IL1840 IL1943 IL2066 IL2163 IL2501 IL2523 IL3020 IL3208 IL3209 IL3223 IL3702 IL3750 IL3782 IL3822 IL3992 IL4201 IL4385 IL4509 IL4987 IL5041 IL5382 IL5425 IL5490 IL5601 IL5603 IL5679 IL5689 IL5690 IL5741 IL5816 IL5989 IL6044 IL6135 IL6166 IL6203 IL6246 IL6313 IL6356 IL6386 IL6655 IL6775 IL6780 IL6831 IL6896 IL6897 IL7115 IL7126 IL7192 IL7434 IL7655 IL7766 IL7771 IL7865 IL7936 IL8010 IL8349 IL8545 IL8659 IL8889 IL9307 IL9650 IL9722 IL9818 IL9880 IL9900

IM0239 IM0523 IM0532 IM0591 IM0708 IM1021 IM1488 IM1808 IM1952 IM2702 IM2889 IM2901 IM3674 IM3768 IM4280 IM5032 IM5274 IM5734 IM5843 IM5894 IM6637 IM7366 IM7532 IM7856 IM8080 IM8767 IM9190 IM9427 IM9728 IM9970

IN0923 IN1289 IN2270 IN2909 IN2988 IN3233 IN3479 IN3682 IN3981 IN4586 IN4613 IN4778 IN5158 IN5230 IN5291 IN6303 IN7074 IN7101 IN7698 IN8188 IN8447 IN8874 IN8925 IN9608 IN9747

IO0752 IO0910 IO0942 IO1513 IO2216 IO2258 IO2982 IO3160 IO3898 IO4261 IO4392 IO4411 IO4551 IO4698 IO4818 IO5213 IO5514 IO6722 IO6797 IO6934 IO7430 IO7541 IO7652 IO7684 IO7822 IO8001 IO8607 IO9207 IO9420 IO9481 IO9567 IO9772 IO9814 IO9976

IP0107 IP0451 IP0864 IP1004 IP1227 IP1363


- Pickup In Person from Mondays to Saturdays 8am to 4pm 

If you are the second owner, please bring a deed of sale. If you are sending your representative, please have an authorization form and ID.

-We can ship nationwide. We use JRS within Metro Manila and LBC for provincial plates. If you prefer immediate delivery, you may also book a Lalamove or Grab Rider. Kindly coordinate with MONIQUE at or 7442222 loc 206.

We verify ownership before we release plates. Plate installation fee is Php700 to be paid to the cashier.

Please email [email protected] or send us a facebook message at to claim your plate.

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