Makati Ford - Available Plate

As of January 15, 2021

Use the CTRL+F function to find your conduction sticker. 

C0B165 C0C383 C0D098 C0D191 C0D913 C0E891 C0J102 C0J209 C0J679 C0J712 C0J939 C0J995 C0K149 C0K216 C0K267 C0M099 C0M491 C0M544 C0M662 C0P512 C0R399 C0R478 C0S139 C0U504 C0V227 C0W581 C0X896 C1A471 C1A934 C1C861 C1C930 C1D384 C1F755 C1G381 C1H095 C1H799 C1U773 C2B342 C2D864 C2U856  IJ0887 IJ5345 IJ8435 IK2299 IK2447 IK2449 IK2489 IK2581 IK3157 IK3330 IK4272 IK4364 IK4408 IK4438 IK5316 IK5401 IK5459IK5790 IK5825 IK5904 IK6025 IK6039 IK6663 IK6744 IK6759 IK6810 IK8229 IK8241 IK8410 IK9966 IL0369 IL0474 IL0509 IL1462 IL1536 IL1560 IL1589 IL1632 IL1651 IL2745 IL2765 IL2852 IL2879 IL4718 IL4812 IL6798 IL6803 IL6933 IL6963 IL7015 IL7079 IL7151 IL7479 IL7530 IL7531 IL7579 IL8313 IL9016 IL9033 IL9706 IL9707 IM0283 IM0324 IM0337 IM0722 IM0723 IM0753 IM5795 IM5836 IM5912 IM9788 IN0404 IN2595 IN3880 IN4026 IN5428 IN5440 IN6451 IN9571 IO0414 IO0937 IO1519 IO5959 IO9897 IP0491 IP0543 IP0592 IP1276

C0A779 C0S916 IJ1426 IJ4206 IJ4209 IJ7843 IK5126 IK5721 IK5723 IK5727 IK6381 IK6385 IK7050 IK7058 IK7065 IL1764 IL4486 IL4494 IL6141 IL6764 IL9507 IN1526 IN3681 IN3698 IN6839 IN6841 IP0839

IL0284 IK7399 IK6405 IK6398 IJ6498 IJ6493 IJ5819

C1A358 C1L404 C2B679 C2V271 C2V286 C2X454 IL1373 IL6321 IM2311 


C3A807 C3A908 C3D100 C3E566 C3F763 C3F864

C0C709 C0D295 C0E307 C0E954 C0F090 C0H708 C0I414 C0K785 C0K786 C0K809 C0L592 C0N223 C0O467 C0O559 C0Q358 C0Q359 C0T716 C0U667 C0U836 C0W752 C0W930 C0X513 C0X647 C0Y321 C0Y361 C0Z004 C1A128 C1C980 C1D598 C1D682 C1F924 C1G068 C1G579 C1H275 C1H886 C1K408 C1N869 C1O632 C1R760 C1S281 C2M754 C2O924 C2P702 C2Q657 C2R490 C2S033 C2S495 C2T846 C2U058 C2U099 C2U160  C2W577 C2W617 C2W977 C2Y418 C2Y894 IJ5550 IJ6129 IJ6144 IJ6148 IJ6198 IJ6261 IJ7005 IJ7039 IJ7056 IJ7949 IJ8590 IJ8609 IJ8881 IJ9506 IJ9522 IJ9647 IJ9672  IJ9797 IJ9954 IK0743 IK0803 IK0814 IK0836 IK1778 IK1792 IK1873 IK2026 IK3364 IK3623 IK5074 IK5075 IK5663 IK5686 IK6170 IK6451 IK6452 IK6465 IK7652 IK7789 IK7791 IK8075 IK8076 IK8184 IK8191 IK8694 IK8760 IK8798 IK8808 IK8886 IK8918 IK8933 IK8935 IK8956 IK9518 IK9645 IL0168 IL0592 IL0625 IL0696 IL0822 IL1823 IL1916 IL1917 IL2086 IL2977 IL3061 IL3129IL4029 IL4208 IL4228 IL4941 IL5129 IL5455 IL5468 IL5549 IL5624 IL5674 IL5687 IL5720 IL5721 IL5740 IL5803 IL5842 IL6429 IL6522 IL6536 IL6576 IL7282 IL7738 IL7746 IL8448 IL8599 IL9300 IM0099 IM0465 IM0526 IM1292 IM1423 IM2356 IM4643 IM6090 IM7495IM8154 IM8436 IM9385 IN0123 IN0147 IN2111 IN4227 IN5646 IN7381 IO4925 IO4937 IO9515


C0D796 C0D797 C0P241 C0R968 C0R999 C1A308 C1A310 C1A313 C1W514 IK6581 IK9756 IL1182 IN8908 IO8507

C0B825 C0C026 C0I075 C0J645 C0R661 C0S969 C0T050 C0U162 C0U938 C0W267 C0W300 C0X838 C1B795 C1D144 C1D147 C1E072 C1E568 C1E677 C1G872 C1G986 C1H385 C1L180 C1N547 C1N558 C1Q669 C1R405 C1S019 C1T821 C1V502 C1Y330 C1Y794 C2A101 C2A193 C2C311 C2D015 C2D029 C2H225 C2H624 C2I263 C2J054 C2K147 C2L850 C2L915 C2M517 C2M538 C2M554 C2M577 C2M687 C2M936 C2N021 C2N062 C2N484 C2N539 C2O156 C2O260 C2O484 C2O605 C2P111 C2P275 C2P449 C2P758 C2P780 C2Q118 C2Q275 C2Q702 C2Q934 C2R200 C2R718 C2S294 C2S449 C2S767 C2T002 C2T143 C2T452 C2T483 C2T705 C2T990 C2U213 C2U214 C2V613 C2V933 C2W471 C2W491 C2X129 C2X191 C2X192 C2X355 C2X926 C2Y078 C2Y517 C2Z303 C3B351 C3B419 C3C134 C3C303 C3D498 C3D865 C3E955 C3F065 C3F072 C3F583 C3F587 C3F613 C3G404 IH2834 II3271 II4638 II9494 II9574 IJ2634 IJ3287 IJ3439 IJ8332 IJ8406 IJ9179 IJ9211 IJ9389 IK0009 IK0959 IK1465 IK1508 IK1549 IK3037 IK3060 IK3077 IK4052 IK4141 IK7161 IK7169 IK7254 IK7255 IK7295 IK7480 IK7520 IK7547 IK7579 IK9101 IK9151 IK9203 IK9207 IK9288 IK9294 IK9365 IK9453 IL0334 IL2287 IL2289 IL2383 IL2446 IL2670 IL2702 IL3669 IL3784 IL4245 IL5246 IL6005 IL6681 IL7981 IL8119 IL8209 IM0625 IM1880 IM6225 IM7108 IM8712 IN0798 IN2372 IN2981 IN7536 IN8721 IN8736 IO1144 IO3474 IO3899 IO4560 IO6534 IO6984 IO7119 IO7966 IP0268 IP1704


- Pickup In Person from Mondays to Saturdays 8am to 4pm 
If you are the second owner, please bring a deed of sale. If you are sending your representative, please have an authorization form and ID.
-We can ship nationwide. We use JRS within Metro Manila and LBC for provincial plates. If you prefer immediate delivery, you may also book a Lalamove or Grab Rider. Kindly coordinate with JERIC at [email protected] or 88945646.

We verify ownership before we release plates. Plate installation fee is Php700. to be paid to the cashier.

Please email [email protected] or send us a facebook message at to claim your plate.

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