Cleaning your Ford post-ashfall


Ford Philippines is releasing these helpful vehicle maintenance tips for car owners whose vehicles have been affected by volcanic ash from the Taal Volcano eruption:

1.  Keep vehicles under cover as much as possible.

2.  Do not remove ash by sweeping or brushing as it may cause scratches on the vehicle body.  Remove by rinsing with water using a garden hose on low pressure while wearing an appropriate dust mask and eye gear.

3.  Lift wiper blades clear of the widescreen and ensure both glass and wiper rubbers are cleared from ash deposits.

4.  Ensure the areas around the fuel door and door opening are cleaned prior to re-fuelling your vehicle to avoid contaminants from entering the fuel tank.

5.  The engine air cleaner should be inspected by a qualified technician and replaced where dust accumulation has occurred.

6.  Under the hood and engine bay area should also be inspected and cleaned by qualified personnel to avoid any damage.

7.  For people driving in areas with heavy ashfall, have the pollen filter replaced at the first opportunity to ensure it does not clog up evaporators and they do not breath any contaminants.

8.  Avoid driving while significant ash deposits remain on the road.  If driving cannot be avoided, use the vehicle climate control system on recirculated air mode to reduce unwanted dust and odor from entering your vehicle.

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