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What is the Extended Warranty?

The Premium Extended Warranty is the Most Comprehensive Service Plan Protection fully backed by Ford Group Philippines. It covers the parts and labor to repair thousands of key components- engine, transmission, steering, brakes, front suspensions, electrical and more – for up to 5 years or 150,000 kilometers. In total that is 5 long years of vehicle warranty and tranquil ownership.

I want to know what is covered!

You can get all that information here:

How Much is it?

It depends on what vehicle you have. However here are some rates to give you an idea. Prices as of November 25, 2018. Subject to change without prior notice.

Purchase when your vehicle is <2months or <4,000kms
Purchase when your vehicle is 2mos-18mos or <40,000kms
Purchase when your vehicle is 18-36mos or 100,000kms
Ecosport1 year (125,000)
2 years (150,000)
P 22,000
P 36,300
P 24,000
P 40,000
P 26,400
P 44,000
Everest1 year (125,000)
2 years (150,000)
P 31,900
P 48,400
P 35,000
P 53,000
P 38,500
P 58,300
Ranger1 year (125,000)
2 years (150,000)
P 27,500
P 42,900
P 30,000
P 47,000
P 33,000
P 51,700

What are my payment options?

We accept cash, credit card and manager's check. We also accept 6-months PDC for installment. In addition, you may also include this in your vehicle's monthly amortization to make it even more manageable.

Eligible Time to Buy

Premium Extended Warranty can be purchased at any Ford dealership within the period of a new car purchase up to 36 months AND traveled less than 100,000 km from the time vehicle warranty starts.

Why Premium Extended Warranty is a Great Value.
  • Drive On with First-Class Service. Premium Extended Warranty is accepted at all Ford Dealers in the Philippines
  • 100% backed by Ford Group Philippines
  • Limit Out-of-Pocket Expenses on covered repairs
  • Genuine Ford Parts and Service Repairs are made with genuine Ford parts by certified and trained technicians
  • Coverage is 100% Transferable to the next vehicle owner

What if I sell the car?

The Premium Extended Warranty is 100% transferable. So if you ever decide to sell your vehicle, the new owner can take advantage of the same great coverage. This added benefit may help attract potential buyers, plus it could bring an increased resale value for your vehicle. Transfer fee and restrictions apply.

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